My product was damaged during shipping. Will you replace the product?

If we shipped your products via an SDC approved carrier, we would need pictures along with a copy of the notated BOL to recover the costs of the damages from the carrier in which case we will work with the carrier to resolve the situation immediately!

Do you provide COA’s (Certificate of Analysis)?

Yes, we can provide COA’s with every production run.

I’m importing my products into another country. Can you help me with documentation?

Yes, our Quality Department works with our customer daily to provide the needed documentation to register internationally.

What type of packaging do you work with?

For powder products, we with bottles as small as 5oz all they way up to bulk 25lb bags.

Is there an extra charge for a custom formulation?

No, the setup process is the same whether you are interested in one of our branded formulations or if you’d like to customize your own formula.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Our preferred method of payment is ACH or wire however we will accept checks and we can also accept credit cards for payments under $10k.

Is there a manufacturing setup fee in addition to the prices we have received?

Depending on the raw materials needed for your project, there may be an R&D fee for samples.

What is the normal shelf life for products?

Typical expiration is 2 years from manufacturing date.

How long have you been in business?

SDC has been contract manufacturing for 7 years.

Are you a broker or a true manufacturing plant?

All products that SDC produces are proudly made in our 60sq. ft. facility located in Pittsburgh PA